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  • After a couple of dances, he went to get something for the two of them to drink. This didn t mean he still wasn t in the camera lens, but it kept most sneaking paparazzi out of his bushes. I want to make sure you have someone who ll take care of you too.
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    He just knew he must convince her to trust and love him enough before then or her feelings of betrayal might make this unforgivable.

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    She was either a fortune seeking female or by the eagerness on her face, a reporter. He sensed the deep sexual yearning within her and wanted to sample it. She quickly dropped the hurt expression, exchanging it with a curious one.

  • Although no evidence had ever been discovered to implicate Julian in his death, it was no tremendous secret that Julian had inherited a sizeable quotient of lands and funds, or that he had not mourned too long or terribly for his father's untimely passing.

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  • They would grow suspicious if she suddenly couldn t remember anything. The rush of hot air blasted his body in the freefall. The familiar feeling of desire welled up in the pit of her stomach 244 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story again at the thought of what they shared.

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  • Not only that, after tonight you may want nothing to do with me after you have heard my whole life story. Would you like to know what they re saying about you?

  • She d just found Ted and didn t want to live the rest of her life without him. Though we know of time travel, we aren t supposed to interfere with people living in the past. Tanya suddenly sat straight up in the bed, her mouth hung open, What the hell was that!
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    He may have been powerful enough to sense her across several city blocks, but even the most muted and weaker of his race could not mistake the lure she elicited.

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    She was about to apologize for all the trouble she put him through, when she was interrupted by the sound of splintering metal and glass as one of the windows and metallic blinds exploded into the room. Charlotte glanced over her shoulder as Lady Epping towed her through the crowd, chattering about retiring to the ladies parlor for tea.
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  • Most men cannot absorb the inferences of your work because they simply cannot get beyond the feminine byline. The wind blew the stray strands of her hair around her head. Suddenly she was lifted upward and turned swiftly, coming face to face with the same horror that she tried to escape, and he was furious.
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    You ll probably want to go over there with this, Ted told Megan as he handed her the cobbler he d made.

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  • Jason stated 174 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story with admiration in his voice.

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  • Featured Hotel: Hotel Bel Air

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  • Do not flatter me, she said, drawing her hand from her muff and slapping his arm. Now I m here to take you home where I can lock you in your bedroom. Linda added with more enthusiasm caused Tanya to scowl at her.
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The sad thing was, he still had to destroy her. Flower arrangements, social engagements, that sort, yes, he said, and she fumed.

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  • Her hand traced the area on his abdomen where he stabbed himself, Does that hurt when it happens? Tanya stood back and 108 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story admired her handiwork on Elsa.
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